Cesar Millan: Better Human Better Dog


Required UC: 3 per episode

Release Date: 2021

Cast: Cesar Millan


Cesar Millan is back. With dog adoptions at a record high Cesar's timely return to television will give new pet parents the tools they need to teach their dogs good habits and shed the old bad habits. From the yards of the pet owners, to his newly updated Dog Psychology Center, Cesar shows us the skills we need to create happy homes with our furry best friends.

Season  1   2 
  •     2x12 Unleash the Hulk NA   EUR
  •     2x11 Avocado Aggression NA   EUR
  •     2x10 Silent Biter NA   EUR
  •     2x9 Appetite for Destruction NA   EUR
  •     2x8 Ticking Bomb NA   EUR
  •     2x7 Moving Forward NA   EUR
  •     2x6 Dog Therapy NA   EUR
  •     2x5 Ten Years to Life NA   EUR
  •     2x4 Short Legs, Short Fuse NA   EUR
  •     2x3 Frozen in Fear NA   EUR
  •     2x2 One Brick at a Time NA   EUR Free
  •     2x1 Fit For Service NA   EUR Free
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