Chicago P.D.


Required UC: 3 per episode

Release Date: 2014

Cast: Don Kress, Andre Bellos, Jason Beghe

Categories:Action Drama

The story of Windy City's Police Department in Chicago.

Season  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10 
  •     10x22 A Better Place NA   EUR
  •     10x21 New Life NA   EUR
  •     10x20 Fight NA   EUR
  •     10x19 The Bleed Valve NA   EUR
  •     10x18 You Only Die Twice NA   EUR
  •     10x17 Out of the Depths NA   EUR
  •     10x16 Deadlocked NA   EUR
  •     10x15 Blood and Honor NA   EUR
  •     10x14 Trapped NA   EUR
  •     10x13 The Ghost in You NA   EUR
  •     10x12 I Can Let You Go NA   EUR
  •     10x11 Long Lost NA   EUR
  •     10x10 This Job NA   EUR
  •     10x9 Proof of Burden NA   EUR
  •     10x8 Under the Skin NA   EUR
  •     10x7 Into the Deep NA   EUR
  •     10x6 Sympathetic Reflex NA   EUR
  •     10x5 Pink Cloud NA   EUR
  •     10x4 Dónde Vives NA   EUR
  •     10x3 A Good Man NA   EUR
  •     10x2 The Real You NA   EUR Free
  •     10x1 Let It Bleed NA   EUR Free
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