Masterchef Australia


Required UC: 3 per episode

Release Date: 2009

Cast: Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, Matt Preston


A few dozen home chefs battle it out in the Masterchef Kitchen to earn the best chef title, judge by top Australian chefs.

Season  9   10   11   12 
  •     12x61 Episode #16.1 NA   EUR
  •     12x60 Semi-Final Pressure Test: Martin Benn's Toffee App NA   EUR
  •     12x59 All-In Elimination: Ordinary or Extraordinary NA   EUR
  •     12x58 Gordon Ramsay's Mystery Box NA   EUR
  •     12x57 All-In Elimination: Four-Course Service Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x56 No Rules Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x55 Episode #12.55 NA   EUR
  •     12x54 All-In Pressure Test: Phil Wood's Potato Duchess NA   EUR
  •     12x53 Two-Dish Lucky Dip Immunity Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x52 Rubik's Cube Mystery Box NA   EUR
  •     12x51 All-In Elimination: Classics and Novelties NA   EUR
  •     12x50 Alphabet Immunity Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x49 Two-Dish Everything Box NA   EUR
  •     12x48 All-In Elimination: One-Inch Cube Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x47 Time or Ingredients Immunity Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x46 Golden Mystery Box NA   EUR
  •     12x45 Elimination Challenge: Street Food and Fine Dining NA   EUR
  •     12x44 Sudden-Death Pumpkin Immunity Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x43 Smoking Mystery Box NA   EUR
  •     12x42 No-Recipe Pressure Test: Benjamin Cooper's Jungle NA   EUR
  •     12x41 Blind Pairing Team Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x40 All-In Pressure Test: Aussie Classics NA   EUR
  •     12x39 Fast-Track to Top 10 Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x38 Heat 3: Lotto Mystery Box NA   EUR
  •     12x37 Heat 2: Coskun Uysal's Meat Dessert Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x36 Heat 1: Citrus Invention Test NA   EUR
  •     12x35 All-In Elimination: Unusual Flavour Combinations NA   EUR
  •     12x34 Fairy Tales Immunity Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x33 Memories Mystery Box NA   EUR
  •     12x32 Immunity Pressure Test: Kirsten Tibballs' NA   EUR
  •     12x31 Two-Dish Team Relay Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x30 All-In Kingfish Elimination NA   EUR
  •     12x29 Comfort Food Immunity Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x28 Shannon Martinez's Vegan Mystery Box NA   EUR
  •     12x27 Pressure Test: Peter Gunn's Black Box NA   EUR
  •     12x26 Savoury and Sweet Team Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x25 Elimination Challenge: World Cuisines and Flavor P NA   EUR
  •     12x24 Episode #12.24 NA   EUR
  •     12x23 Twist-ery Box NA   EUR
  •     12x22 Pressure Test: Darren Purchese's Passionfruit Pavl NA   EUR
  •     12x21 Double Twist Team Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x20 Delivery Elimination Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x19 Sushi Train Immunity Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x18 Suburban Mystery Box NA   EUR
  •     12x17 Pressure Test: Helly Raichura's NA   EUR
  •     12x16 Thai Team Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x15 Textures Elimination Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x14 Textures Elimination Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x13 Barter Mystery Box NA   EUR
  •     12x12 Self Pressure Test NA   EUR
  •     12x11 3-Round Team Showdown NA   EUR
  •     12x10 Judges' Ingredients Elimination Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x9 Immunity Challenge: Judges' Taste Test / MasterCla NA   EUR
  •     12x8 Melissa Leong's Mystery Box NA   EUR
  •     12x7 Episode #12.7 NA   EUR
  •     12x6 Ultimate BBQ Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x5 Gordon Ramsay's 90-Minute Elimination Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x4 Immunity Challenge: Keeping Up with Gordon NA   EUR
  •     12x3 Relay Style Team Challenge NA   EUR
  •     12x2 Team Challenge NA   EUR Free
  •     12x1 Premiere: Immunity Challenge: Finale-Worthy Dish NA   EUR Free
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