Law & Order Svu


Required UC: 3 per episode

Release Date: 1999

Cast: Peter Dean, Derek Martin and Deirdre Costello

Categories:Drama Mystery Crime

Four-part drama series about the British juicidal system, dealing with an investigation presented from the perspectives of the police force, the criminal, the solicitor and the prison system.

Season  13   14   15   16   17   18   19 
  •     19x24 Remember Me Too NA   EUR
  •     19x23 Remember Me NA   EUR
  •     19x22 Mama NA   EUR
  •     19x21 Guardian NA   EUR
  •     19x20 The Book of Esther NA   EUR
  •     19x19 Sunk Cost Fallacy NA   EUR
  •     19x18 Service NA   EUR
  •     19x17 Send in the Clowns NA   EUR
  •     19x16 Dare NA   EUR
  •     19x15 In Loco Parentis NA   EUR
  •     19x14 Chasing Demons NA   EUR
  •     19x13 The Undiscovered Country NA   EUR
  •     19x12 Info Wars NA   EUR
  •     19x11 Flight Risk NA   EUR
  •     19x10 Pathological NA   EUR
  •     19x9 Gone Baby Gone NA   EUR
  •     19x8 Intent NA   EUR
  •     19x7 Something Happened NA   EUR
  •     19x6 Unintended Consequences NA   EUR
  •     19x5 Complicated NA   EUR
  •     19x4 No Good Reason NA   EUR
  •     19x3 Contrapasso NA   EUR
  •     19x2 Mood NA   EUR Free
  •     19x1 Gone Fishin' NA   EUR Free
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