Required UC: 3 per episode

Release Date: 2008

Cast: Amy Jo Johnson, Hugh Dillon and David Paetkau

Categories:Action Drama Crime

A television program about a special tactical team that rescues hostages, busts gangs, defuses bombs, and takes on other tough cases.

Season  1   2   3   4   5 
  •     5x13 Keep the Peace: Part 2 NA   EUR
  •     5x12 Keep the Peace: Part 1 NA   EUR
  •     5x11 Fit for Duty NA   EUR
  •     5x10 A World of Their Own NA   EUR
  •     5x9 Lawmen NA   EUR
  •     5x8 We Take Care of Our Own NA   EUR
  •     5x7 Forget Oblivion NA   EUR
  •     5x6 Below the Surface NA   EUR
  •     5x5 Sons of the Father NA   EUR
  •     5x4 Eyes In NA   EUR
  •     5x3 Run To Me NA   EUR
  •     5x2 No Kind of Life NA   EUR Free
  •     5x1 Broken Peace NA   EUR Free
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