Release Date: 1971

Cast: Peter Falk, Mike Lally, John Finnegan

Categories:Drama Mystery Crime

With his rumpled raincoat, ever-present cigar, bumbling demeanour and Sherlock Holmesian powers of deduction, disarmingly polite homicide detective Lieutenant Columbo took on some of the most cunning murderers in Los Angeles, most of whom made one fatal, irrevocable mistake: underestimating his investigative genius.

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  •     14x5 Columbo Likes the Nightlife NA   EUR Free
  •     14x4 Murder with Too Many Notes NA   EUR Free
  •     14x3 Ashes to Ashes NA   EUR Free
  •     14x2 A Trace of Murder NA   EUR Free
  •     14x1 Strange Bedfellows NA   EUR Free
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