3rd Rock from The Sun


Required UC: 3 per episode

Release Date: 1996

Cast: John Lithgow, Jane Curtin, Kristen Johnston


A group of aliens are sent to Earth, disguised as a human family, to experience and report life on the 3rd planet from the sun.

Season  1   2   3   4   5   6 
  •     6x20 The Thing That Wouldn't Die: Part 2 NA   EUR
  •     6x19 The Thing That Wouldn't Die: Part 1 NA   EUR
  •     6x18 Mary Loves Scoochie: Part 2 NA   EUR
  •     6x17 Mary Loves Scoochie: Part 1 NA   EUR
  •     6x16 Dick Soup for the Soul NA   EUR
  •     6x15 Glengarry Glen Dick NA   EUR
  •     6x14 My Mother, My Dick NA   EUR
  •     6x13 You Don't Know Dick NA   EUR
  •     6x12 Dick's Ark NA   EUR
  •     6x11 A Dick Replacement NA   EUR
  •     6x10 There's No Business Like Dick Business NA   EUR
  •     6x9 Dick Digs NA   EUR
  •     6x8 Red, White & Dick NA   EUR
  •     6x7 B.D.O.C. NA   EUR
  •     6x6 Why Dickie Can't Teach NA   EUR
  •     6x5 Dick'll Take Manhattan: Part 2 NA   EUR
  •     6x4 Dick'll Take Manhattan: Part 1 NA   EUR
  •     6x3 InDickscretion NA   EUR
  •     6x2 Fear and Loathing in Rutherford NA   EUR Free
  •     6x1 Les Liaisons Dickgereuses NA   EUR Free
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