The Legend of Korra



Release Date: 2012

Cast: Janet Varney, Dee Bradley Baker, David Faustino

Categories:Action Animation Adventure

Avatar Korra must defend the neutral Republic City from the Equalists, a massive secret society with the purpose of ridding the entire world of the ability to manipulate the elements of nature.

Season  1   2   3   4 
  •     4x13 The Last Stand NA   EUR Free
  •     4x12 Day of the Colossus NA   EUR Free
  •     4x11 Kuvira's Gambit NA   EUR Free
  •     4x10 Operation Beifong NA   EUR Free
  •     4x9 Beyond the Wilds NA   EUR Free
  •     4x8 Remembrances NA   EUR Free
  •     4x7 Reunion NA   EUR Free
  •     4x6 Battle of Zaofu NA   EUR Free
  •     4x5 Enemy at the Gates NA   EUR Free
  •     4x4 The Calling NA   EUR Free
  •     4x3 The Coronation NA   EUR Free
  •     4x2 Korra Alone NA   EUR Free
  •     4x1 After All These Years NA   EUR Free
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