The Crazy Ones


Required UC: 3 per episode

Release Date: 2013

Cast: Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Gellar, James Wolk


Follows Zach Cropper, a confident and charming copywriter at the ad agency run by Simon and his daughter, Sydne

Season  1 
  •     1x22 The Lighthouse NA   EUR
  •     1x21 The Monster NA   EUR
  •     1x20 Love Sucks NA   EUR
  •     1x19 Danny Chase Hates Brad Paisley NA   EUR
  •     1x18 March Madness NA   EUR
  •     1x17 Heavy Meddling NA   EUR
  •     1x16 Zach Mitzvah NA   EUR
  •     1x15 Dead and Improved NA   EUR
  •     1x14 Simon Roberts Was Here NA   EUR
  •     1x13 Outbreak NA   EUR
  •     1x12 The Face of a Winner NA   EUR
  •     1x11 The Intern NA   EUR
  •     1x10 Models Love Magic NA   EUR
  •     1x9 Sixteen-Inch Softball NA   EUR
  •     1x8 The Stan Wood Account NA   EUR
  •     1x7 Sydney, Australia NA   EUR
  •     1x6 Hugging the Now NA   EUR
  •     1x5 She's So European NA   EUR
  •     1x4 Hugging the Now NA   EUR
  •     1x3 Bad Dad NA   EUR
  •     1x2 Bad Dad NA   EUR Free
  •     1x1 Pilot NA   EUR Free
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