The Brave


Required UC: 3 per episode

Release Date: 2017

Cast: Demetrius Grosse, Anne Heche, Natacha Karam


The complex world of our bravest military heroes who make personal sacrifices while executing the most challenging and dangerous missions behind enemy lines.

Season  1 
  •     1x13 Close to Home: Part 2 NA   EUR
  •     1x12 Close to Home: Part 1 NA   EUR
  •     1x11 Grounded NA   EUR
  •     1x10 Desperate Measures NA   EUR
  •     1x9 Desperate Times NA   EUR
  •     1x8 Stealth NA   EUR
  •     1x7 It's All Personal NA   EUR
  •     1x6 The Seville Defection NA   EUR
  •     1x5 Enhanced Protection NA   EUR
  •     1x4 Break Out NA   EUR
  •     1x3 The Greater Good NA   EUR
  •     1x2 Moscow Rules NA   EUR Free
  •     1x1 Pilot NA   EUR Free
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