Required UC: 3 per episode

Release Date: 2016

Cast: Eileen Montelione, Siena Agudong, Trevor Larcom


Teachers shows their hilariously warped perspective as six elementary school teachers trying to mold young minds, even though their own lives aren't really together.

Season  1   2   3 
  •     3x20 Wedded Miss NA   EUR
  •     3x19 Teacher Depreciation Week NA   EUR
  •     3x18 The Tell-Tale Cart NA   EUR
  •     3x17 The Final Robe NA   EUR
  •     3x16 Relationslut NA   EUR
  •     3x15 Face Your Peers NA   EUR
  •     3x14 Sidelined NA   EUR
  •     3x13 Playing the Partum NA   EUR
  •     3x12 Operation Egg Drop NA   EUR
  •     3x11 Thoughts and Bears NA   EUR
  •     3x10 Hot Deadly Dad NA   EUR
  •     3x9 Step by Stepsister NA   EUR
  •     3x8 For Poorer or Poorer NA   EUR
  •     3x7 The Book Challenge NA   EUR
  •     3x6 Wake and Blake NA   EUR
  •     3x5 Gender Bender NA   EUR
  •     3x4 Leggo My Preggo NA   EUR
  •     3x3 Of Lice and Men NA   EUR
  •     3x2 All by Myselfie NA   EUR Free
  •     3x1 Hello, Goodbye NA   EUR Free
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