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Talking Dead


Required UC: 3 per episode

Release Date: 2014

Cast: Chris Hardwick, Greg Nicotero, Andrew Lincoln


A talk show about The Walking Dead

Season  4   5   6   7 
  •     7x24 People Like Us NA   EUR
  •     7x23 No One's Gone NA   EUR
  •     7x22 The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now NA   EUR
  •     7x21 Just in Case NA   EUR
  •     7x20 Laura NA   EUR
  •     7x19 Buried NA   EUR
  •     7x18 Good Out Here NA   EUR
  •     7x17 Episode #7.17 NA   EUR
  •     7x16 Wrath/What's Your Story? NA   EUR
  •     7x15 Worth NA   EUR
  •     7x14 Still Gotta Mean Something NA   EUR
  •     7x13 Do Not Send Us Astray NA   EUR
  •     7x12 The Key NA   EUR
  •     7x11 Dead or Alive Or NA   EUR
  •     7x10 The Lost and the Plunderers NA   EUR
  •     7x9 Episode #7.9 NA   EUR
  •     7x8 Episode #7.8 NA   EUR
  •     7x7 Time for After NA   EUR
  •     7x6 The King, the Widow and Rick NA   EUR
  •     7x5 The Big Scary U NA   EUR
  •     7x4 Some Guy NA   EUR
  •     7x3 Monsters NA   EUR
  •     7x2 The Damned NA   EUR Free
  •     7x1 Mercy NA   EUR Free
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