Impractical Jokers


Required UC: 3 per episode

Release Date: 2011

Cast: Brian Quinn, James Murray, Sal Vulcano


Q, Sal, Joe and Murr are real-life best friends who love challenging each other to the most outrageous dares and stunts ever caught on hidden camera.

Season  6   7   8 
  •     8x26 It's Electric NA   EUR
  •     8x25 Rock Bottom NA   EUR
  •     8x24 The Shame of Water NA   EUR
  •     8x23 Hollywood NA   EUR
  •     8x22 The Paternity Test NA   EUR
  •     8x21 Episode #8.21 NA   EUR
  •     8x20 Fast Feud NA   EUR
  •     8x19 Bad Carma NA   EUR
  •     8x18 Irritable Vowel Syndrome NA   EUR
  •     8x17 Urine Trouble NA   EUR
  •     8x16 Sun-Fan Lotion NA   EUR
  •     8x15 The Prize Fighter NA   EUR
  •     8x14 Well... NA   EUR
  •     8x13 Sucks for You NA   EUR
  •     8x12 The Show Stopper NA   EUR
  •     8x11 Fraudway NA   EUR
  •     8x10 Off the Reservation NA   EUR
  •     8x9 The Antisocial Network NA   EUR
  •     8x8 Cake Loss NA   EUR
  •     8x7 The Eggman NA   EUR
  •     8x6 The Dumbbell NA   EUR
  •     8x5 Blue Man Dupe NA   EUR
  •     8x4 Full Mental Jacket NA   EUR
  •     8x3 Tipping Point NA   EUR
  •     8x2 The Closer NA   EUR Free
  •     8x1 Crash Test Dummies NA   EUR Free
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