Required UC: 3 per episode

Release Date: 2016

Cast: Gil Bellows, Warren Christie, Julianne Nicholson


Eyewitness is an American drama television series set to air on USA Network in October 2016. The series, which is based upon the Norwegian series Øyevitne, was been given a straight-to-series order with 10 episodes.

Season  1 
  •     1x10 Mother's Day NA   EUR
  •     1x9 Episode #1.9 NA   EUR
  •     1x8 Episode #1.8 NA   EUR
  •     1x7 Episode #1.7 NA   EUR
  •     1x6 Episode #1.6 NA   EUR
  •     1x5 The Lilies NA   EUR
  •     1x4 Creme Brulee NA   EUR
  •     1x3 Bella, Bella, Bella NA   EUR
  •     1x2 Bless the Beast and the Children NA   EUR Free
  •     1x1 Pilot NA   EUR Free
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