Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Required UC: 3 per episode

Release Date: 2013

Cast: Andy Samberg, Jade Ealy

Categories:Comedy Crime

A diverse group of detectives at the very edge of New York City.

Season  1   2   3   4   5   6 
  •     6x19 Episode #6.00 NA   EUR
  •     6x18 Suicide Squad NA   EUR
  •     6x17 Sicko NA   EUR
  •     6x16 Cinco de Mayo NA   EUR
  •     6x15 Return of the King NA   EUR
  •     6x14 Ticking Clocks NA   EUR
  •     6x13 The Bimbo NA   EUR
  •     6x12 Casecation NA   EUR
  •     6x11 The Therapist NA   EUR
  •     6x10 Gintars NA   EUR
  •     6x9 The Golden Child NA   EUR
  •     6x8 He Said, She Said NA   EUR
  •     6x7 The Honeypot NA   EUR
  •     6x6 The Crime Scene NA   EUR
  •     6x5 A Tale of Two Bandits NA   EUR
  •     6x4 Four Movements NA   EUR
  •     6x3 The Tattler NA   EUR
  •     6x2 Hitchcock & Scully NA   EUR Free
  •     6x1 Honeymoon NA   EUR Free
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