Required UC: 3 per episode

Release Date: 2014

Cast: Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Yara Shahidi


A family man struggles to gain a sense of cultural identity while raising his kids in a predominantly white, upper-middle-class neighborhood.

Season  1   2   3   4   5 
  •     5x23 Relatively Grown Man NA   EUR
  •     5x22 Is It Desert or Dessert? NA   EUR
  •     5x21 FriDre Night Lights NA   EUR
  •     5x20 Good in the 'Hood NA   EUR
  •     5x19 Andre Johnson: Good Person NA   EUR
  •     5x18 Andre Johnson: Good Person NA   EUR
  •     5x17 Each One, Teach One NA   EUR
  •     5x16 Enough Is Enough NA   EUR
  •     5x15 justakidfromcompton NA   EUR
  •     5x14 Black History Month NA   EUR
  •     5x13 Son of a Pitch NA   EUR
  •     5x12 Dreamgirls and Boys NA   EUR
  •     5x11 Waltz in A Minor NA   EUR
  •     5x10 Black Like Us NA   EUR
  •     5x9 Wilds of Valley Glen NA   EUR
  •     5x8 Christmas in Theater Eight NA   EUR
  •     5x7 Friends Without Benefits NA   EUR
  •     5x6 Stand Up, Fall Down NA   EUR
  •     5x5 Good Grief NA   EUR
  •     5x4 Purple Rain NA   EUR
  •     5x3 Scarred for Life NA   EUR
  •     5x2 Don't You Be My Neighbor NA   EUR Free
  •     5x1 Gap Year NA   EUR Free
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